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Finding Your Gifts

Naturopathic Wellness Clinic


Dr. Katy Howard, ND is a naturopathic doctor, intuitive healer, and psychic educator located in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.  Her passion is blending her various skills to help you connect with your inner knowing and step onto your Soul Path

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Find healing a balance in your body again, or for the first time.  Naturopaths use a variety of modalities to help you find health again: body, mind, and spirit.


Hands-on energy healing and intuitive and psychic readings are a natural addition to naturopathic sessions with Katy, free of charge. 


Want to connect to your own intuitive abilities or step into your role as a healer for self and/or others?  Let me guide you through the process of stepping onto your soul path.

Intuitive Education

If you are interested in discovering your intuitive abilities and building your psychic skills, you have come to the right place!  These courses are targeted at helping you step into your gifts so you can get rolling on your soul path and living your truth.


Intuitive Practitioner

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Psychic Gifts - Level 1 + 2

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