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Emotions are meant to be expressed and released. When they aren’t… it’s usually not a pretty picture. They can build and build until we feel like we are going to explode or implode. Then we either start to feel anxious or start throwing them at people in unhealthy ways, attacking ourselves internally, leaking them out unexpectedly or turning it into some sort of physical ailment. It’s just not good to keep them in. The expression and embrace of our emotions can help us to truly heal, we want to help you get there.

Join us for this 2 hour intensive workshop on emotional release! We will guide you on how to identify what emotions need to be expressed and where we are storing them. Then the fun begins! Through music, movement/dance and vocal release we are going to let it all out!! Immerse yourself in the full expression of joy - anger - sadness - peace. Honour each and give them their rightful place. Will there be props to add to the effect of the movement? Heck yes there will be! Break the cycle and experience the freedom of emotional release!



Welcoming song requests if you have a “goto” song that bring you joy, sadness, anger or peace

Emotional Release Movement Workshop

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