Red Tiger Eye: Anemia, Digestion, Lethargy, Motivation, Increased Metabolism and Increased Sex Drive


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Grow Glow Co. was founded by Carley Schandlen in 2018. Carley is passionate about alternative healing and has found her own healing success in stones. She is a wealth of knowledge and aims to help others discover the wonderful power of stones and alternative medicines. All of her pieces are made with intention and custom to the wearer. Purchasing off of a shelf or website? That’s ok. Her intuition helps her carefully craft each piece for the individual it is intended for.


Custom sizing and pieces available and encouraged. Please contact her directly at


Please don’t forget to cleanse your stones. Set your piece either on a window sill or cleanse it with smudge, reiki energy and/or salt.

Red Tiger Eye GrowGlowCo Healing Bracelet


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