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Katy's Psychic Story


I always find writing a bio for this sort of thing difficult without sounding stuffy and insincere.  So, I'll just give you an idea of how I came to teaching this material, because goodness knows I definitely didn't start out on this path!


I guess to start I will tell you that I am currently a Naturopathic Doctor and psychic energy healer in Trent Lakes, Ontario, Canada.  My story (like most) isn't one that can be easily crammed onto a website page, so I'll give you the Cole's Notes version: 


I only have one memory of having abilities when I was little and what I heard was so strange and scary that I think that was also the day that I turned my abilities off.  I assume as much because I don't remember anything else about psychic experiences after that memory (although after all of this came back to light, my mom told me that I used to talk to people that weren't there when I was little - go figure). 

Over the years I grew up and developed a love of science that pushed me to get my undergraduate degree in microbiology, and later to become a Naturopathic Doctor.  Science was my first religion, and I loved it!  I loved how everything fit into a box and made sense.  I loved the empirical method.  It gave me a fantastic framework for life and understanding the universe.  Because of this background I still adore science, and half of my brain will side with you skeptics out there who are thinking that maybe I am just schizophrenic.  Goodness knows I often have that thought in the back of my own head!  In fact, I spent the first two years of experiencing my newly opened abilities completely terrified that I was losing my mind.  But I'm getting ahead of myself in the story... 

My life went on pretty normally, with me chasing my Naturopathic education and working too hard.  Everything changed when I was 27 and I got so sick that I had to put my life on hold.  I spent 8 months in and out of hospital where I had many treatments and three surgeries.  During my first surgery, I had a number of complications and (according to my husband who was with me) I died briefly in post-op.  I don't have any memories of this time due to a lot of pain meds and coming out of anaesthesia, but my family tells me that after my surgery/death I began talking to "people that weren't there" in my hospital room.  You would think that this would be a show-stopping moment, but we were all so focused on getting me back to health, that all of this was forgotten about or dismissed as a side effect of the drugs I was on.

Over the next 2 years I had many strange experiences.  While I knew my intuition had improved in my healing practice, I honestly thought everything else I was experiencing was just the early signs of schizophrenia, so I hid it from everyone around me.  I was terrified, but I told myself that if I started to hear voices telling me to do harm, then I'd go and get medication.

Finally, during that second year, I met several fantastic energy-healers in my area who helped to guide me through what was going on.  (Special mention to Beth McKean).  They gave me some basic information and skills to help get me started.  I practiced with my abilities and tested myself on a few key people that I trusted.  After a while I slowly developed a faith in my psychic abilities and I began using them occasionally in my Naturopathic practice to help with spiritual and emotional healing.

Over time, I found that I became tired and overwhelmed with everything I was experiencing.  I had a few negative energy experiences/interactions, and I didn't want to ever have that happen again.  I started to research ways to protect myself and avoid completely burning out.  In my hunt for help I found it difficult to find any one resource that covered a large chunk of what I wanted to know.  After piecing together information from tons of healers, energy workers, books, websites, and other resources, I finally felt like I could keep myself safe and balanced in my life and work. 


I started sharing my newfound information with other people in my area, and it became so popular that I developed the Psychic Gifts education series to help save me time by teaching more people at once, and eventually wrote my first book on the subject.  What started as a single course quickly took off and expanded in ways I had definitely not forseen!  It turns out, there are a lot of you out there, just like me, looking for ways to do things better and more safely in the energy world!  I truly hope that this education website can give you all of the tools that you need in a simple and approachable way, so you can step into your True Path and get moving forward in all of the ways that serve your Soul Truth.

It is my Soul Path to help others discover and get aligned with their Soul Truth and True Path.  I hope that Finding Your Gifts can be one piece of the puzzle for you!  Please note that the original online course material that acts as companion to the book can now be found for free on Youtube.  My guides instructed me to make it available for free.  My next course series is called Inutitive Practitioner, and the next book is coming soon!

Sending you all Love and Light,



It may not show on here but I am very blunt, and I swear like a sailor - if you are easily offended by this, then the Psychic Gifts course series is definitely not for you.  I don't want to offend or upset you.  I hope that your journey brings you another way of learning that better resonates with you.

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