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Psychic Gifts Level 1

Apprentice Certification

Join psychic healer Katy Howard as she guides you through an introduction to embracing your psychic and intuitive gifts. 

This course provides an introduction to Psychic Gifts and explains and provides the opportunity to practice how to:

  • Ground

  • Cleanse

  • Shield

  • Protect yourself and your space

  • Use tarot and oracle cards

  • Dowse and chakra rebalance with a pendulum.


This course is directed at anyone looking to safely tap into and develop their psychic gifts in a safe and friendly, judgement-free way. 


Whether you are an absolute beginner and aren't even sure what gifts you may yet have, or even if you already use your abilities in daily life or even professionally, this course set can help you avoid the common pitfalls of intuitive work and open you up to some fun new skills.

  • Have you ever had the feeling that you are psychically gifted but don't know how to delve deeper into it?

  • Do you constantly pick up other people's (or places') emotions, and/or feel drained or exhausted after interacting with them?

  • Is your healing practice or social time taking the wind out of your sails by the end of the day?


This course set can help you overcome your fears and limitations and get you comfortable in the energy world.

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