Finding Your Gifts: A No Bulls**t Guide to Energetic Protection, Intuitive Expansion, and Realizing Your Soul Path.  By: Katy Howard, ND


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A step-by-step guide to getting in touch with your psychic gifts and your Soul Purpose. Join Naturopathic Doctor and Energy Healer Katy Howard on a fun and interactive journey where you will learn: energetic cleansing, psychic protection, and how to open and develop your psychic gifts. Learn how to use: pendulums, oracle cards, crystals, power symbols and smudge, as well as how to remove old energetic and emotional cords to free you from past relationships and trauma. Whether you’re an established energy practitioner who has become burnt out with the work, or you’re an absolute newcomer to the energy world, you will find what you need inside. This ultimate soul-healing workbook helps you clear the past, step into your psychic abilities, and use them to find your way back to your Soul Path so you can start enjoying your life again!


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Audiobook - Finding Your Gifts


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