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     This course is designed to help existing or future practitioners tap into their own intuition to build a deeper understanding of their patients.  It can also serve as a deep dive into your own understanding of self and other people for intense personal growth for those without an interest in using the tools professionally. 

     By the end of this course you will be able to make deeper connections with your patients and the people in your life, see the underlying root causes of illness and disharmony, and facilitate a more meaningful healing experience for yourself and others.  

     Sessions will be held virtually via group video chat.  Questions are welcome.  Details will be provided via email after sign-up. Recordings of the sessions will be available for 30days in case you miss a class.


Complete training – all 11 sessions (over 30hrs) for only $399 (tax incl)


SESSION 1 – Saturday September 16th, 10am-1pm

Understanding yourself and your patients. Motivations, compensations, core beliefs, and learning how to connect with your patients to improve patient outcomes.


SESSION 2 – Sunday October 1st, 10am-1pm

Overcoming being triggered, learning about the most powerful tool you can use in practice, and understanding your patients' coping mechanisms.


SESSION 3 – Sunday October 15, 10am-1pm

Understanding emotions and how they affect the body, mind and spirit. Emotional release and how to promote healthy emotional release so your patients can start doing deeper healing, and so you can tap into your inner knowing.


SESSION 4 – Sunday October 22, 10am-1pm

How to connect to your own inner knowing. Understanding Empaths. Using emotion as a tool in practice, and learning how to safely clear trauma.


SESSION 5 – Sunday October 29, 10am-1pm

Working with defining beliefs and faith. Understanding the meaning and purpose of life. Coping with change.


SESSION 6 – Sunday November 5, 10am-1pm

Discovering happiness. Understanding and creating boundaries. Self-worth and people-pleasing. When to say no.


SESSION 7 – Sunday November 12, 10am-1pm

Inner Child work. Understanding other people. Power and control and their role in relationships, communication and healing.


SESSION 8 – Sunday November 19, 10am-1pm

Making a safe space for patients. Being an Intuitive Practitioner. Avoiding the Guru trap.


SESSION 9 – Sunday November 26, 10am-1pm

Learning from mistakes I've made in practice. Healing through visualization.


SESSION 10 – Sunday December 3, 10am-1pm

Working with others: Wants and expectations, Preparation, Healing through visualization. Techniques for sensing energy.


SESSION 11 – Sunday December 10, 10am-1pm
Hands-on-healing, moving energy with your hands, intuitive acupuncture or acupressure, Cutting cords, distance healing, closing sessions, avoiding burnout.

Intuitive Practitioner Training

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